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Upcoming shows

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Sept. 10, 2021
The Pie Shop, Washington, DC

Jan 7, 2022
Pie Shop, DC


Our new full-length album VAMPYRE is NOW AVAILABLE to buy or stream everywhere!!! Buy or stream on your favorite service:
Vampyrism is a curse dating back to biblical times. Our titular heroine, lured by the promise of immortality, is given this curse by the egomaniacal leader of a vampyric cult. But within the cult there is a growing sense of disillusion, and she builds her own following. Eventually, she spurns her maker, rebelling against him and his decaying institution. She says a final farewell to her mortal husband, turning away from humanity and embracing her new nature. She slays her former master in the “midnight massacre” and declares herself queen.



Yet more news...

We've been nominated to The Wammies 5 times!!!

- Best Rock Group

- Best Rock Album (The Descent, 2019)

- Best Rock Song (Mercy, Bubble)

Vote here:

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