The band

The Neuro Farm is a dark wave indie rock band based in Washington DC. Brian Wolff and Rebekah Feng started the concept in October 2010, combining vocal harmony with soaring violin melodies and driving rhythm guitar. They were later joined by bassist Evan O'Neal and drummer Colin Diemer, who added a powerful rhythm section to the dark and dreamy sound. 


Their music has been described as ethereal and hauntingly beautiful. The Neuro Farm draw on influences like Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Muse, Sigur Ros, Blonde Redhead, Joy Division, Chelsea Wolfe, and Rammstein. They have produced three albums so far: Blissful Isolation (2011), Ghosts (2014), and The Descent (2019).


The Neuro Farm puts on a dreamy yet delightfully dark and energetic performance. Their shows have been covered by the Washington Post Going Out guide, Brightest Young Things, DC Music Reviews, Hometown Sounds, and Metro Music. The Neuro Farm's music has also been featured on Takoma Radio 94.3FM in Washington DC, as well as Asalto Mata Radio Rock, Spain's alternative rock radio station.

Brian S. Wolff

Guitar / vocal

Brian Wolff has long been fascinated by neuropharmacology, and has even longer been fascinated by music. After several years of playing guitar in the California rock band Honey White, he started writing, playing, and producing music for the The Neuro Farm. His goal is to blend the musical sensibilities of his early guitar heroes, Dave Gilmour and Neil Young, with elements from a wide range of styles including psychedelia/prog, industrial, gothic, electronic, and film score.

Rebekah Feng

Electric violin / vocal

Rebekah Feng is a neuroscientist by day and musician by night. Before joining the Neuro Farm, she was a solo artist in Lia, an instrumental new age project. Rebekah started the Neuro Farm with Brian Wolff in October 2010. She is a vocalist and electric violinist in the band. Her passions include science, music, photography, rescuing dogs, and poems by e. e. cummings. Her signature musical style is dark, theatrical, and full of reverb.

Evan O'Neal


Arlington native and multi-instrumentalist Evan O’Neal hit the ground running at age 18, playing guitar and bass in his parents Country-Blues band around the DC-Baltimore area and learning the complexities of live performance. As a member of The Fem Doms, a Brooklyn-based Heavy Psych Rock outfit, Evan experienced life on the road as a touring musician and emerged with a serious vision: to start a band of his own. That vision manifested with Pagan Reagan which he started with longtime friend, Mitchell Bass. Evan now finds himself busy with several DC bands including The Invisibles, Option Paralysis and Krobopl. 

Colin Diemer


Colin joined The Neuro Farm in 2017 after a performing hiatus of several years. A native of St. Louis, his drumming experiences have afforded rich opportunities to record, tour, and collaborate in a multitude of settings and musical genres. With diverse musical interests ranging from jazz, rockabilly, electronica, metal, world music, and even the classical symphony orchestra, Colin strives to create music that stands up over time and warrants repeated listening. When not rehearsing or gigging with the band, Colin actively works on expanding his hat collection, producing TNFTV segments, and cleaning up after his dogs.

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