Eight (and a half) Questions with NASH & NELLIE!

1 TNFTV: What do you make of the thunderous sounds emanating from your basement? Are they frightening to you?

Nellie: Human barking is much louder than dog barking. I don’t like it!

Nash: I do not understand why they make so much loud noise when there is no mailman.

2 TNFTV: Which of the two humans treats you better?

Nash: The human with the snacks is my favorite human.

Nellie: Somebody say snacks?!

3 TNFTV: Which one of you is more photogenic?

Nash: Nash.

Nellie: NELLIE!!!!!

4 TNFTV: What's your opinion on dog shows?

Nash: I am more handsome than other dogs. I would win shows but I am too busy for such trivial things.

Nellie: Other dogs make me angry!!!

5 TNFTV: Have you ever peed on your humans’ instrument effects pedals and not told them?

Nellie: Why would I not tell them?

Nash: I will not take ownership of the humans’ machines.

6 TNFTV: Have you had any bad dreams lately?

Nash: Mailman! I chase him away every day and he keeps coming back!

Nellie: Mailman haunts my dreams!

7 TNFTV: Have you ever seen a music video with dogs in it that you liked? If you have not, would you like to be in a music video yourself? What fee would you charge to show up on set as the seasoned "talent"?

Nash: I would be the video star because of my singing voice and handsomeness. To appear I would charge a low price of three banana breads.

Nellie: I love to dance! No fee, free dance!

8 TNFTV: What did you have for dinner last night?

Nash: Dog food again :( But for dessert I got some pizza crust and banana bread!

Nellie: I love dinner! I had dog food it was great!

8.5 TNFTV: Are you jealous of other animals that have their own social media pages?

Nash: I pee on plants. This is better than internet.

Nellie: I have my humans they are all I need!

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