Eight (and a half) Questions with Joshua Hunter from ENDLESS WINTER

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

1 TNF TV: Prior to COVID-19 delaying everyone's plans, what was in store for Endless Winter in 2020?

JOSHUA: I had a few things recorded at various stages in the pipeline before the global pandemic put us all on lockdown! Thankfully, most of the work on a few of them were down to mixing and mastering, and my longtime engineer and producer, Kyle Downes,

has been working from home and so was also able to keep working on these. I released a cover version of Garbage’s “#1 Crush” on February 14th. I have also just released another collection of ambient works called Season 3: Climates 2 on Soft Grit Recordings. A finished cover of Madonna’s “Live to Tell” is also ready to be released, but I have yet to decide when. In the mean

time, there are 2 songs that were recorded in preparation for my next full length but work has halted on those for now.

2 TNF TV: E.W.s sound is very distinctive, defined, and fully formed. Does this sonically match whatever idea or vision you had for the band prior to inception?

JOSHUA: What I set out to do from the jump was involve others in my vision to bring it to life and slightly alter that vision to make it better. If it were totally up to me, I don’t know that EW would be as sonically dense. I very much admire the input and guidance I get from my collaborators Chris Link, and Kyle. They help me shape it into what it is. I write the basics of everything but they make it sound amazing.

3 TNF TV: Could Endless Winter ever pull off an acoustic show?

JOSHUA: I love a challenge, so yes. Actually, a lot of the ideas that become EW songs start on acoustic guitar!

4 TNF TV: Assuming that you are the primary songwriter for E.W. right now, would you ever consider collaboration with another songwriter or producer? How different would the band's sound be?

JOSHUA: I may have slightly answered this question above. I think that I am a good enough songwriter and arranger, but that the input and ideas of others takes those songs from good to great. I actively seek out people who I share chemistry with, who can vibe with what I want to accomplish and help me attain that. Every person shapes the end result a little bit in their own way. This includes who I choose to have with me when I play live.

5 TNF TV: Does Endless Winter have any specific band goals or milestones to reach?

JOSHUA: I have already reached my specific band goal and milestone for EW which was to birth it into the world. Everything now is ICEing on the cake ;)

6 TNF TV: What musical involvement had you experienced before you launched Endless Winter?

JOSHUA: I played in all of the normal organized musical outfits throughout my school years before starting a garage rock band in high school. I currently play in 2 local DC area bands, Color Palette and Dear Daria (formerly Maryjo Mattea) I am the former guitar player for Dance for the Dying.

7 TNF TV: What occupies your time outside of the band?

JOSHUA: Right now a whole lot of unstructured time! I am an audio and lighting engineer for NBC and have been ordered to stay at home for the last couple weeks while we all social distance. I was training for a 5k, but every social event got canceled. I was really looking forward to a lot of upcoming shows! The Birthday Massacre w/ Julien K, Bad Religion w/ Alkaline Trio :( Ministry with KMFDM and Frontline Assembly is in July, so that’s a hard maybe?

8 TNF TV: Does your mind ever wander when you are performing in front of an audience?

JOSHUA: Yes it does. I have also suffered from not slowing down and being in the moment and end up just going on auto-pilot. I walk on stage and then my brain clicks back awake backstage and I’m like “OH NO”! I try to remember to live in the moment and enjoy what is going on around me and the energy that is being shared in the room. It’s hard because you also have a job to do. In EW I am singing and playing guitar at the same time, but I am also worried about the mix in the room and the visuals, so it can be hard to juggle.

8.5 TNF TV: Are you a carpe diem/thrill seeker kinda person or a play it safe kinda guy?

JOSHUA: I would say I am a perfect mix of the two ;)

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