Eight (and a half) Questions with Pennsylvania's maestros of psychedelic rock MEDUSA's DISCO

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

1 TNFTV: What were expectations of this year's tour that had just kicked off and unfortunately came to an abrupt end with the pandemic?

WYNTON: It was going to be a very busy one! It seemed like it was going to be really fruitful, especially with releasing our split with Mojo Bozo's Electric Circus within the first month of tour. We ended up just releasing it online. There were a lot of connections made for this tour and a lot of people I was excited to meet. But it will happen someday.

2 TNFTV: Have there been discussions of what the rest of 2020 might hold for the band?

WYNTON: Indeed! Those discussions ultimately end in "Guess we'll just wait and see what happens!" Things seem to be slowly resolving in the world, but that may also be temporary and Covid-19 may make a comeback in the Fall or Winter. . I'm sure we will have some gigs this summer, but unfortunately touring will be hard to pull off. We were also hoping to record music together, but chose the difficult decision of keeping distance to insure our families safety.

3 TNFTV: Please share a behind the scenes moment or experience of opening for Godsmack last year

HUNTER: That gig we felt like a real band! We had the whole package; a rider, a dressing room, food, beers, friends backstage, and a massive stadium filled with thousands of people. I remember peeking through the stadium from the back and watching it fill up repeating "I'm not nervous at all!" The other noteworthy moment for me was sound checking. It was the first time I needed all the drums and bass in my monitor because the stage was massive!

WYNTON: I'd say this should do 'er: https://www.facebook.com/230495373746221/videos/339316480289958/

But really, an amazing day! My favorite part was when it was all over, the sun had set, everybody left and I was alone on the massive stage looking out at the view.

4 TNFTV: Is being from Central PA prominent or essential in what defines Medusa's Disco and the band’s sound or ethos?

HUNTER: This is a great question! I think our location plays a small role in our sound but it does have some kind of an effect. As much as we love our surf rock and west coast music, the Lancaster area is NOT that. Up until recent years the scene was primarily metal. Also, the people in general just have a different attitude and vibe compared to people out west. We're more bitter from dealing with 6 months of winter. Haha. Maybe that comes through in the music a little bit.

5 TNFTV: What kind of responses do you receive from people who have seen the band perform for the first time?

WYNTON: Some people get extremely excited and don't know how to handle it. I love that, because I'm that way with bands I love too; Where you all of a sudden feel weird for even approaching and saying 'great set'. Trust me guys, our time isn't that precious, we appreciate all the excitement and enthusiasm we get from you! To be a performer is to exchange energy, I love being able to feed each other in that way. A lot of people get excited to the point where they try to make it to every single show we put on. We had some fans that were planning to go all the way out to our Detroit and Tennessee shows on tour.

6 TNFTV: Is M.D. a live band by nature or just as comfortable being ensconced in the studio?

HUNTER: I've definitely heard of countless fans when introducing us to their friends for the first time say "You got to see them live though"! Our live shows are notorious for the synergistic relationship between the audience and ourselves. When they're excited, we're excited. And vice versa. That being said, we aren't shy in the studio and that is a beast we love to tame! It's approached differently but we try to keep the energy present as best as we can.

7 TNFTV: Who would be a perfect producer for a Medusa's Disco album at some point in the future if budget were not a factor?

WYNTON: Josh Homme or Jack White both come to mind, they've both produced killer records in the past.

8 TNFTV: In a perfect world, what band(s) would be the perfect tour mates for M.D.?

WYNTON: We would love to tour with bands like Thee Oh Sees and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. The energy of those shows would be off the chain! Mojo Bozo's Electric Circus from Baltimore MD also comes to mind, they're super badass and we love their psychedelic energy. We are grateful to work with them all the time!

8.5 TNFTV: Would M.D. ever sell versions of Wynton’s “horns” to gig attendees as a merch offering?

WYNTON: I've had many people ask where they can get these horns! For some reason nobody thinks to check The Halloween store when October comes around. I have some small customizations of my own, but I have to custom fit the string to my head, selling them with hopes it would fit everyone else as well as it would fit me is doubtful. The good news is nobody has thought to steal my horns since they can't fit them on their head anyways! Hopefully this interview won't give them any bright ideas next time we play out, hah!

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