"Eight (and a half) Questions" with Robzie TruLove of THE OSYX

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

1 TNF TV: What was the catalyst for you taking up drumming?

ROBZIE: Growing up in a Jamaican/Panamanian household, my parents were always throwing some lit parties and playing tons of music pretty much all of the time. From early on, I found music to be a relaxing and centering means of release and self expression. My mother recognized my attraction towards musical creativity and encouraged me. I was 4 when she took me to my first piano lesson. My love for rhythm drew me to the drums as early as 5 but my mom believed I should try to continue learning piano and eventually a little guitar first. I think she just dreaded the day her crazy daughter started banging those drums in her house! I didn’t pick up a pair of drum sticks until I was 10 years old when a music teacher of mine (ironically named Mrs. Maraca lol) noticed me messing with the drums and percussion and immediately demanded I begin going that route. My mom grew to absolutely love this decision to switch over to drums.

2 TNF TV: Do you remember your first paying gig?

ROBZIE: I will never forget it. The band I was in was hired to play a wine festival in Virginia. We were paid 100 each and complimentary wine. I wasn’t carded and got quite inebriated that day!

3 TNF TV: Do you come from a musical family?

ROBZIE: Yep! The reggae star Mr. Vegas is my cousin; and my uncle Rudy, played percussion with many greats including Lauren Hill and Amy Winehouse. Also my mother and her siblings all had healthy musical training in church. My grandmother had a grand piano and they all learned to play it. Music has always been a heavy influence in my fam.

4 TNF TV: What is a memorable moment or experience that comes to mind from the 2019 THE OSYX tour?

ROBZIE: The most memorable moment (other than the wonderful fake marriage of Maya and me in Asheville NC) was the awesome show we did in Ohio at the College of Wooster.. That was so memorable because we got to hang out with our great friend Eleanor Linafelt and her friends at that event. Also, Ara’s amp died on her in the middle of one of our songs that night and Eleanor flew back to her dorm to get a replacement amp right in time to keep the show rockin as it should! We love Eleanor! Eleanor is among our clutch players in the non-profit This Could Go Boom and she spearheaded the youth sector of TCGB called The Boom Team. Check out her band called Rat Queen!

5 TNF TV: Do you have any particular routine(s) on gig days or any pre-show rituals?

ROBZIE: My routine is pretty simple and doesn’t always occur in any particular order but :

  1. Sips of neat whiskey

  2. Listening to click tracks of each song and having my little silent rehearsal for peace of mind

  3. Practicing some rudiments to get flowing

6 TNF TV: What’s the largest crowd/audience you’ve performed in front of? What’s the smallest?

ROBZIE: The biggest crowd would be Baltimore Pride 2016 when my other band, RadaR, played the main stage. Thousands of folks and super fun! Smallest crowd is hard to choose! So many memorable times where it’s just friends or other bands on the bill. I’ll choose a small local Delaware festival where all who were in attendance were the bands playing and one of my favorite cousins who lives in Wilmington who came to support. Was great to see her! And my band was hitting the beach as our next stop on that tour.

7 TNF TV: If a drum manufacturing company approached you about creating a Robzie Trulove series/model, what would that line of drums be called?

ROBZIE: “ She-Devil “ because that would just be sinful. Just kidding. I just like how “She Devil” sounds.

8 TNF TV: What will you be doing musically in 5 years?

ROBZIE: I really want to focus my efforts on helping facilitate the careers of other women/womxn . I will certainly still be very active but doing more for the community is where I see myself in 5 years. Helping lots of artists to get on a great track through resources of This Could Go Boom and more. I have been in talks with other local musicians / activists about how to set up programs to educate and unite our talented members of the community who need and seek it.

8.5 TNF TV: Did you have a childhood celebrity crush?

ROBZIE: I had two huge crushes. The singer, Ginuwine (who I swore I would be marrying when I was 12ish ha ha)

And Aaliyah (RIP). She was more of an idol and I was crushed when she passed away in that plane crash. I wasn’t old enough to witness much of her career but I knew every song and looked up to her very much. Def had a crush on her.

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