The Neuro Farm on tour in April!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

We're going on tour in April! Oh wait.... no... no, we're not. That was a dream we just woke up from- that the pandemic hadn't derailed our Spring 2020 touring plans, as it has for so many musicians and artists (wreaking havoc on livelihoods too), and that we're taking this dark wave rock show out on the road. So adaptability and flexibility is the name of the game right now for artists and performers everywhere, as we've all been forced to rethink our strategy and means for survivability, and to both acknowledge and embrace the innate need to create and connect with others through the performing arts.

As a live ensemble, The Neuro Farm has been interested in expanding it's performance radius beyond the Washington, DC area for a while and though that's not changing anytime soon, our ability to begin fulfilling that desire has been curtailed for now. But when it IS safe and sensible for us to bring our rock show to another town, we obviously will. You'll be the first to know all about it!

What did you have planned for 2020 before things were temporarily put on hold?

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